Friday, February 15, 2008


I read on an Aussie hip-hop/R&B/clubbing forum that a bunch of DJs from a certain Australian city (HINT: I'm originally from Brisbane and would never diss that spot, and I've lived in Sydney for the past 12 years and would never say a bad word it either) were complaining about the amount of T-Pain/Akon/reggaeton/Southern hip-hop tracks that are blowing up the charts at the moment. No wonder that city is bass-ackwards when it comes to good clubs and good music - these clowns are still playing Montell Jordan, Next and other played out artists every week. Here's another track they're bound to hate but you're going to love - She Got It (remix) by 2 Pistols ft. T-Pain, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe and Juelz Santana. Getting a bit sick of those guys being on every remix, but hey if it works, why change it.

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