Friday, April 11, 2008


While I'd hate to think that Australia is an inherently racist country, the case can be made that a lot of people here are slightly ignorant/scared when it comes to other races, specifically when it comes to Black people. Now I know the folks who put together the Aussie edition of Rolling Stone aren't racist (are some of them are ignorant? Yes. Racist, no), this cover comparison of the US edition to the corresponding Aussie edition of RS really amused me for some reason. Could they find anyone whiter than Jack Johnson to replace Chris Rock? For homework tonight, compare how many Black people have been on the cover of US RS compared to the Aussie one. Hell, even when the publishers of the Australian RS published a hip-hop magazine they hardly had a Black person on the cover of that mag! (To be fair though, I think it only lasted four or five issues before folding.)

Another funny publishing/ignorance story - years and years ago (pre-2K) I was pitching a basketball title to some of the biggest publishing companies in Australia. Most were reluctant, as this was during the time that the NBL was starting its slow, drawn-out death. However, one publisher said that he felt that basketball was only ever popular in Australia because "people were curious about Negroes". All me and my business partner could do was stop, give the guy the screw face, then laugh.

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sandeep said...

wow. Im glad you laughed at his ass instead of agreeing wit him to try and get the deal lol