Wednesday, May 21, 2008

XO PODCAST - 21-05-08

In keeping with the theme of the Lil Wayne night at XO this Saturday, the theme of this week’s XO podcast is Lil Wayne and friends! It’s all Lil Wayne tracks or tracks he has a guest verse/hook on. As always, get yourself on the guestlist by emailing here!


1. Lollipop remix – Lil Wayne feat. Kanye West.
2. Make it Rain – Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne
3. Project Bitch – Cash Money Millionaires
4. Gettin’ It – Cool Kids feat Lil Wayne
5. Way of Life – Lil Wayne feat. Baby & TQ
6. Don’t Trip – Trina feat. Lil Wayne
7. King Kong remix – Jibbs feat. Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti & Chingy
8. You - Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne
9. Make That Money – Chingy feat. Lil Wayne
10. I’m a Dboy – Lil Wayne feat. Birdman
11. Stunting Like My Daddy – Birdman feat. Lil Wayne
12. I Need a Hot Girl – Hot Boyz

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