Wednesday, November 5, 2008

XO PODCAST - 05-11-08

Thank God Obama won the election - otherwise this week at XO would have been a rather sour night! Side note - why is there so much anti-Obama and anti-US talk on Facebook at the moment? Is it cool to not like Obama now? XO guestlist - click here!


1. I'm Voting for Obama - Jamie Drastik
2. Live Your Life remix - T.I. feat. Rihanna & Pitbull
3. I Done Did It - Mike Jones feat. Lil Wayne
4. Rain Main (Strip Club Anthem) - Ya Boy
5. How I Do - Ne-Yo feat. Fabolous
6. Vegas - XV feat. Deontre Blayz
7. Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Freeway feat. Young Chris
8. How Do You Want It 2K8 - Jers feat. Young Ceaser, Jodeci & Tupac
9. Night Nurse - Pleasure P feat. Wyclef
10. Tipsy - Git Fresh feat. Rick Ross
11. Obama Obama - A.P.T.
12. The Beverly Hills Cop Song - TJ Santana

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