Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Oh dear. I'm actually old enough to remember the track that Lyrikill's Don't Shoot Me Down bites samples - Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And I mean I'm old enough to remember it coming out, not just old enough to remember it from a retro DJ set! I'm even old enough to remember Captain Lou Albano acting a fool in the damn video clip. Now I give this track three thumbs up, but I can see a LOT of DJs hating the f--k out of it. Here's some of the feedback it's getting online (taken from the forum where Lyrikill himself leaked the track):

* "Wtf!!! R u f--king out of your mind for posting this s--t!!!!!!!!!!!!"
* "I'd cruise down the street and bump this. It has radio appeal for sure."
* "are you trying to get sued by Cyndi Lauper or what"
* "as soon as i heard the Cindy Lauper sample i was about ready to click the red [X] at the top right corner of my internet browser window, but something made me keep listening... this is actually really catchy. well done."

Listen to it below and decide for yourself!

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