Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My favourite track right now, hands down - Let's Fly by Dei Hamo. Thanks to Peter Gunz for the hookup! This continues in the tradition of New Zealand hip-hop absolutely slaying Aussie hip-hop when it comes to polished, club-ready tracks. Having said that, one of the girls at the Bing requested Hilltop Hoods during her set last Sunday night and it kinda worked, plus there's always a smattering of Bukkcity in the Bing sets. But Let's Fly is getting maximum Bing rotation right now.

[EDIT: Got hit up by Bleezy from CTMC a.k.a. Alien Gang on Facebook - "maaaan alien gang s--t done been a permanent fixture in yo club sets for years :) playa puuhhhhleeeeezzzz" - I stand corrected!]

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