Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With the countdown to NBA 2K11 underway (it's on shelves October 8 in Australia), I've been trying to avoid any more videos or information about the game - I like to find stuff out for myself while I'm playing it. But I stumbled across this Jordan clip today and OMG THEY'RE USING THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT TRACK "SIRIUS" IN THE GAME. My birthday is the day before 2K11 comes out and I don't even care about that any more, October 8 is the date I'm waiting for! (That might be a bit of a lie, I'm having my birthday bash at two clubs on the same night this year so fingers crossed I'm alive for the release of 2K11.)

Oh and add me on XBL - Mr Leon Smith. Lookout for my first created MyCareer player sometime in mid-october, "Leon Smith", 6'6" PF out of Clemson!

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