Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Can't lie, I'm getting old. This might be my last big nightclub-style birthday bash so I'm doubling up and doing it at two clubs on the one night. Early on (from 10pm) we'll be at Swag @ Trademark, then afterwards it's Bing time until the sun comes up (yep, now that daylight saving is in effect I finish my set bathed in sunshine). Oh and the Trademark gig is also the official Dru Hill afterparty! Shoutout to Taylor Gunz for starring in the flyers for this Thurday night's shenanigans, she'll be partying with us at the Bing so be there!

Here's a few pics from the last documented birthday of mine in 2008 - last year we did it exclusively at the Bing where there's no photos. Fake Tera and Kaylani y'all!

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