Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Who saw this coming? Besides anyone who I've mentioned this to in the past five years. Back story - when XO exploded onto the Sydney clubbing scene back in 2006, people were asking for a XO mixtape. It was something I wanted to do and had every intention of doing, but for one reason or another it never happened. For a while I was talking to the CTMC/Alien Gang lads about getting them to do every track on the mixtape, but that fell through, then XO ended and I kind of forgot about putting together "Welcome to XO" (but every cloud has a silver lining, and eventually the public got "Welcome to Bada Bing" late last year).

ANYWAY. Last night I was messing about in Ableton, grabbed 20 tracks from my "XO Classic" Serato crate and started putting together a little XO set, just for my own amusement. After a couple of tracks, it sparked my memory of the "Welcome to XO" mixtape concept, so while I was laying down tracks I started going through the old XO photos I've got saved for some potential artwork. Came across the classic one of me passed out in the bathroom on my birthday, threw it into Photoshop and as the clock struck 7am I'd finished a simple mixtape, complete with artwork. It's not a cutting/scratching/DJ routines mixtape, it's just a stack of good music that we were known for playing at XO. Hope you enjoy it!

Download link:

Oh and it's called "Volume One" for a reason - look for some more classic XO mixes (and photos/artwork!) coming soon.

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