Friday, March 27, 2009


Check out some of my favourite pics from XO @ Hunter Bar - these ones are more recent, for older ones check out the XO myspace page!

Oh, and another hint as to where XO's new venue is... it's somewhere in the city, between Circular Quay and Central train station. Hope that narrows it down for you!

Me, Monchichi, Rockeeeeeee (what a great t-shirt!) and Fuzz.

LEFT: Nathan Jawai, the NBA's #1 rookie bigman from Australia. RIGHT: MC Shyne wasn't impressed with my outfit the week QLD won the State of Origin.

The regular crew with our regular shot of choice, the Southern Slut.

LEFT: The brains and the balls behind XO, myself and DJ Carl Alley. RIGHT: The creator of aformentioned Southern Slut (and other drinks that will remain nameless), bar manager Vanessa.

Tough guys Carl Alley, me and DJ Peter Gunz.

Yep, the infamous "passed out in the Hunter Bar toilets" pic!

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