Monday, March 1, 2010


Keep Saturday March 13 clear, it's the official grand opening of HQ @ Hunter Bar. The night will be so large we've made up seven different flyers for it!

HQ, the only place in Sydney to hear the newest hiphop and R&B every Saturday night. While other clubs speak about it, we be about it. And if you don't believe me, please go to any other club one week, then come to HQ the next - you'll notice the difference. (Here's a quick example - I walked past two "R&B/hiphop" clubs after my set at HQ last Saturday night, one was playing Usher's "Yeah", the other was playing dance music.)

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1 comment:

DJ DEMIZE said...

I Get Mad Pissed At These Fake Ass Wannabe RnB Clubs In Adelaide Too, Claimin' They Keepin It Real, More Like REAL WACK! LOL at Dance Music & Usher YEAH! They All Tha Same, Where's Tha Gucci Mane, Young Money, JERKIN ISH, Luda's New Tracks MY CHICK BADDD!? etc etc.
they still droppin Ice Cubes U Can Do It, Crooklyn Clans Be Faithful etc etc. They Phony Ass Button Pushing FAGZ workin for these fucked up "Entertainment Companies" supplyin MAD NERDZ to Spin CDeez. FUCK EM ALL.