Monday, October 27, 2008


Do I have a treat for you. I found this on my old PC the other day - my first (and only) street mixtape, Put it in Ya Mouth. This is an underrated classic IMHO. It came out almost exactly five years ago, during my glory days - living in my favourite apartment of all time (Room 112 on Castlereagh St - yep, that was the actual apartment number) which came complete with an arcade machine, NBA Jam Tournament Edition. This was also the time when I was really starting to kill it in terms of being a DJ as well, working from Thursday-Saturday and some Sundays on top of that. When I did this mix DJs were selling their mixes hard in the record stores (Anthem, Soul Sense, Central etc) but right when I dropped mine the MIPI started arresting people for copyright nonsense so I didn't do another one for years.

Anyway go download Put in in Ya Mouth here. I tried to keep it of a nice blend of what I was playing in the clubs at the time and some other cool stuff thrown in for good measure. Oh, and how good is the CD artwork?

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