Wednesday, October 29, 2008

XO PODCAST - 29-10-08

This podcast was done a week ago due to scheduling conflicts in the XO studio a.k.a. the Hitfactory, which is why there's no mention of the Ballers Night and Blazin MC's birthday on there. So I'll mention it here - Ballers Night and Blazin MC's birthday at XO this Saturday night! Shame we can't get Homicide down here to host the night, next time he's in Sydney I'm going to make it happen though. If you're coming down to XO this week, get in early, there's going to be a lot of champagne going around and you might get yourself a free glass or two if you're lucky. Highlight of this week's podcast - track 4. See if you can identify the sample!


1. I'm So Paid - Akon feat. Lil Wayne
2. In Ya Phone - Trey Songz feat. Fabolous
3. I'm a Boss - Young Life feat. Lil Wayne & Paul Wall
4. Stunned Out - Paula DeAnda feat. Yung Joc
5. Owe Me (Oh No You Didn't) - Cam'ron
6. Digital - T-Pain
7. Move if You Wanna - MIMS
8. Two Worst Letters - XV
9. Girlz Gone Wild - Lil Goonie
10. By the Way - Young Jeezy
11. World Go Round - Busta Rhymes
12. That's How I Go - Baby Bash feat. Mario & Lil Jon

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