Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You on my Facebook page yet? You should be, especially now that every week I'm going to be uploading a snippet (anything from 15mins-1hr) of a DJ Leon Smith Bada Bing set! This is live so there might be the odd mistake or a drunk strip club MC introducing the Bing girls over the mix, pretty much anything goes. If you haven't been to the Bing before it will give you a good indication of the kind of stuff I play there - really, it's pretty much what I'd play in a regular club set. Here's the first few I did, two are from a couple of Wednesdays ago (I usually don't do Wednesdays at the Bing, but this was a special one-off, you can catch me there every Thursday, Friday (dance set) and Sunday) and one from last Thursday.

Bada Bing March 31 2011 by djleonsmith

Bada Bing March 31 2011 Pt 2 by djleonsmith

Bada Bing April 7 2011 by djleonsmith

(If you're looking for the tracklistings, they'll be over on the DJ Leon Smith Facebook page. Also, the mixes won't be staying online forever, most will be online for a couple of weeks before they're deleted for freshies - grab them while you can.)

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